Who We Are


Amani, in Kiswahili which means peace, is a word that summarizes the very purpose of the Africa Amani journal (AAJ). Alive to the complexities and the ever-changing nature of conflicts destabilizing pockets of the African continent, AAJ provides a platform that brings together the thoughts of like-minded scholars and practitioners in peace building. 

AAJ purposes to give impetus to the analysis of conflict, further providing profound insights into sustainable peace and stability. Africa Amani Journal (AAJ) is a peer-reviewed online journal that publishes biannually in English. In order to impact peace support operations in terms of policy, practise and knowledge sharing, the convergence of multi-faceted inputs need to be mapped, diagnosed and prognosized

Peacebuilding pillars such as gender dynamics, protection of human rights and democratic space, social, religious, ethnic and racial tolerance, protection of the vulnerable communities, negotiation during pre-conflict, active and post conflict situations among many more are invited. The technical components that involve counter-improvised explosive devices, mine action, refugee crises, disarmament and use of force in PSO are also featured in AAJ. 


  • Dedicated platform to interrogate matters of peace and security
  • Fosters critical and high-calibre quality research
  • Connects academicians and practitioners engaged in PSO to advance theory and practice
  • Online promotion of publications on various online platforms
  • Offer space for rapid and standardized review process
  • Provides access to internationally renowned review team
  • Presents evaluation review reports for published papers
  • Open access for all users worldwide
  • Authors retain copyright to their work
  • Offer increased visibility and readership

Our Mission

The mission of AAJ is to engage scholars and practitioners in PSO from all over the world in production of high end research products in support of training models and educational philosophy, standards and ethics geared towards the pursuit of sustainable peace and security in Africa

Our Vision

To establish Africa Amani Journal as the premier journal supporting critical discourse on Peace Support Training, Research and Education in Africa.